Not sure I should have even set this up

October 23, 2009

Yeah, so I am a gadget-freak, computer-geek (wanna-be) who already spends way too much time fooling around with new stuff, like this sweet Blog page. I love to read, but don’t fancy myself an especially good writer, so why exactly am I bothering with a Blog that I will more than likely put to death (either by horrid posts or sheer neglect)? That is a good question. All I can say is that I feel somewhat drawn to it (for now). Sometimes when God reveals stuff to me through His Word, I just feel like I need to share it. Being a youth pastor, I have oportunities to do just that with our students, but sometimes I feel like maybe there is a broader audience who may benefit.

Please understand, I don’t think I’m all that smart, nor do I want to make this blogging thing a daily discipline….I won’t be breaking any readership records any time soon, but occasionally, the Lord reveals something pretty profound to me (be it through His Word, through life, through my wife, or through some amazing book or blog that I have read), and just maybe He would want others to hear it too.

So this blogging thing may be obedience, or it may be just the current computer/BlackBerry thing that has my attention. Whatever it is, enjoy it (if you want), and feel free to give me your feedback. Just remember that I’m always right, so there’s no need to disagree with me in your comments. 😉 I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.